Healthy Eating on a Budget

I agree, eating a healthy diet can be expensive. Here are some tips and tricks to eat healthy and not blow your budget:

Plan Ahead…

  • Make a list of the meals you are planning to prepare in the next week or two
  • Write a shopping list of the ingredients needed for your meals
  • Check fliers for sales and coupons for items on your list at nearby grocery stores. Some grocery stores have apps with coupons and sales for the week
  • When choosing which organic foods to buy, prioritize by using these references: The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 at

Buy Local…

  • Consider going to your local farmer’s market or become part of a co-op in your area
  • Go to your local rancher to purchase meat in bulk (1/4 beef, 1/2 pig, 1/4 bison, etc.)

Buy in Bulk…

  • Vegetables, fruits, beans, meats, oils, seeds, nuts, nut butter, coconut milk or water
  • Warehouse stores such as Costco now carry more healthy food options and buying in bulk can save you money
  • When buying frozen fruit & vegetables in bulk, check the ingredients label and make sure you are not buying anything that contains added sugar or preservatives
  • An advantage to buying frozen fruits & vegetables is that they will last for months

At the Store…

  • Avoid pre-made, packaged foods. Preparing your own hummus, coconut milk or almond milk will save you money.
  • When buying fresh produce, stay away from the pre-cut produce. Save yourself the cost and cut your own fruits and vegetables.

At home…

  • Batch cooking is a time saver. Time is Money! Making large batches of a recipe and then placing the food in individual serving size containers will help you to be prepared for the week. Most of us make bad eating decisions when we are in a hurry and hungry! Batch cooking saves you from being hungry and making bad food decisions.
  • Being prepared for the week prevents the need for quick, pre-packaged food choices.

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