What is functional medicine?

Home Page has a great deal of information regarding Functional Medicine. Go there now by clicking HERE. Also, check out the The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) by clicking HERE.

What is the different between a DO & a MD?

Doctor of osteopathic medicine and a medical doctor both receive similar training and are fully licensed physicians who can practice in any medical specialty.  DO’s have additional training in osteopathic manipulate treatment Learn More Here

Can Dr. Evans be my Primary Care Physician (PCP)?

Dr. Evans is a functional medicine consultant that works in conjunction with your primary care provider.  She requires you to have a primary care provider for all routine care including screening tests, acute illnesses and emergencies.

Does New Beginnings Functional Medicine Clinic accept my insurance?

New Beginnings Functional Medicine Clinic and Dr. Evans are not participants in any insurance plan. We are currently unable to accept any patients on Medicaid or Medicare. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How do I prepare for my first visit?

After scheduling your appointment, you will be able to fill out forms on the Living Matrix Portal, link to portal is on the website, at least 24 hours before your appointment.  Please bring in any recent lab work.

Can I complete my paperwork/forms during my first appointment?

In order to serve you best, forms and paperwork need to be filled out at least 24 hours before your first scheduled appointment.  Dr. Evans needs to review your medical intake information in order to have a productive first appointment to understand what your likely root cause(s) are contributing/causing your symptoms and/or disease and discuss how to investigate further with lab work that is tailored to you.

What is your cancellation policy?

We will send you an email reminder 72 hours before your appointment. Please inform us of cancellation before 48 hours of your scheduled appointment. Please note, there is a $250 fee for no show appointments or cancelling after the 48 time frame.

What is your payment policy?

Payment is expected at time of service.  All major credit cards, cash and checks are accepted.

Can I buy my supplements from somewhere other than your online dispensary?

Yes, you may choose alternative sources, but make sure you are getting high quality supplements.  New Beginnings Functional Medicine Clinic has an online dispensary with Full Scripts and Xymogen, which carry the highest quality supplements and are third party tested for purity.  These supplements, as well, are stored in trusted temperature controlled facilities, which other retailers selling supplements do not provide.  Temperature is critical to the integrity and effectiveness of supplements.

How do I prepare for my first visit?

After scheduling your initial discovery visit, you will receive an email to log onto the Living Matrix to fill out very thorough, comprehensive questionnaires that can take up to 90 minutes. You do not have to fill these out all at once. You can save your information and come back to the questionnaire at a later time.

The reason for the thorough questionnaire is that chronic disease and symptoms take a long time to develop, this is why Dr. Evans needs to know your very detailed story. Please use a laptop or desktop to complete your online questionnaires—tablets & smart phones are not currently compatible.