Patient feedback is important to us. We appreciate every comment we receive as it helps us determine where we are doing well and care gaps that we can improve upon. Below are a few testimonials received.

Chris L. wrote...

Dear Dr. Shannon,
Please accept this note of appreciation and gratitude for your kindness and skillful approach to health and wellness.
Upon first coming to you, I had been so very sick and weak for so very long that I could not remember what it felt like to be healthy; physically, emotionally, or mentally. I had lost hope that I would ever be well again.
Your approach, knowledge, and encouragement changed my life completely. Although I still have more to accomplish, my health is 80 to 90% improved compared to when I first walked into your office. Thank you”

Cece R. wrote...

"When I met Doctor Evans I was dealing with a skin condition (hyper-sensitive skin). I had been given cream only by 2 other doctors before meeting her. I was miserable! She is the only doctor that said to me "Let's find out WHY you suddenly have this". By taking the time to learn about products that I used, and taking diet into consideration, she was able to get me back to where I did not walk around in misery all day long. By putting me on an elimination diet, I was able to find out that there were foods that were causing the problem!
She always took her time with me, and understood, and worked around my medical idiosyncrasies. Thank you Doctor Evans!”

Alfreda T., Maui wrote...

“Hi my name is Alfreda T. and I want to tell you about an amazing Dr. Her name is Shannon Evans....she became my dr. A few years ago. I always get nervous when I meet new Drs but she was amazing from day 1.........I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes........it changed my life..........I was scared and pretty much fell apart. Dr Evans picked me up and explained everything to me....She was with me every step of the way....I am doing great thanks to her.... unfortunately she moved and is not my Dr. anymore...but she will always be my inspiration………..”