Your Journey - What to Expect

At New Beginnings, It's All About YOU!


Initial Discovery Visit: 60 to 90 minutes

60-90 minutes depending on the complexity of your symptoms & chronic health problems.

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Your Story

Before your visit, you will fill out very thorough and comprehensive questionnaires online, which can take up to 90 minutes. You do not have to fill these out all at once. You can save your information and come back to the questionnaires. The reason for the thorough questionnaire is that chronic diseases and symptoms take a long time to develop, this is why Dr. Evans needs to know your very detailed story and it is important to take your time filling out the questionnaires in order to understand your story and get to the root cause. Dr. Evans will review your story before your visit.


Exploring Your Story

At your in person visit, Dr. Evans, will listen to your story and talk with you to further explore your story. Dr. Evans will also retell your story by showing you a visual of what your story looks like summarized on a timeline. Dr. Evans will also perform a comprehensive physical exam.

Customized Lifestyle Plan

Based on your story & physical exam, Dr. Evans will recommend specific labs. Dr. Evans will also have lifestyle recommendations & give you resources for your individualized plan.

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First Follow Up Visit

60 minutes, 4-6 weeks after obtaining lab work. You can schedule an in person or phone visit

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Comprehensive Lab Review

You & Dr. Evans will discuss your lab results in detail, including what the Labs mean, so you and Dr. Evans can further customize your plan.

Continued Partnership for Success

You & Dr. Evans will talk together about how current lifestyle changes

are going for you including, what are your challenges & how can we work together for you to be successful in your journey.

Patient Journey

Working Towards Your Goal

Dr. Evans will discuss recommended supplements and other lifestyle changes that would be beneficial to succeed in your health goals. Dr. Evans will continue to provide you with resources in aiding in your success vial the Patient Portal, which you have unlimited access. You will also receive a personalized wellness binder that includes your comprehensive analysis of your health assessment findings and complete lab results, if you purchase a six month package.



Follow Up Visits

30 minutes. Individualized to you. You can schedule in person or by phone.


Continuing Your Journey

You will have decided on your follow up visits based on a recommended, customized plan, that you and Dr. Evans have agreed upon.

Maintaining Your Health

30 minutes. Congratulations! You have succeeded in your goal to optimal health! After you have reached your goals for optimal health, Dr. Evans recommends obtaining baseline labs and following up once a year.

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